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Nine Tips for a Happy Union Between PR Agency & Client

When PR agencies experience “revolving door” client relationships, there are several reasons that go beyond quality of service. With all things being equal that the agency is doing a good job, ill will can still sprout and grow quickly, if service executives aren’t paying attention. Here are a few tips that will preserve client goodwill […]

Communication is Fragile and Open to Misinterpretation

Have you ever had someone email you in monosyllables, giving instructions on a complex issue, only to leave you scratching your head, trying to extrapolate what they mean? Well, it happens all the time, and it’s the surest way to ensure mistakes in translating and acting on instructions in your communication. Email and messaging apps […]

Press Release 101 Redux

Brevity in press release-writing has been stated, written, brayed about, beaten into PR neophytes, and taught in college PR classes, exhaustively.  Why, then, are PR people are still sending multiple-page press releases that end up in an editor’s round file, because they’re too lengthy to read, they don’t get to the point in the first […]

Thank-You Notes Never Out of Style

Gifts are a funny thing. We receive one, thank the person sitting across from us who just gave it, and that’s it; we’ve done our duty in acknowledging the kindness. Oh, really? I don’t think so. The dearth of written “thank you” cards that are stamped and mailed is a symptom of a host of […]

20th Annual Redondo Beach Lobster Festival Is the New Gold Standard in Entertainment

Succulent Maine Lobster is still center stage at the 20th Annual Redondo Beach Lobster Festival, Southern California’s original lobster festival. This year’s event, hosted by the Redondo Beach Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau, has an all-new slant on exclusive high-end dining, entertainment, craft beer and wine. While dining variety still defines the Festival, visitors […]

2015 Special OIympics World Games Comes to Redondo Beach

Redondo Beach will be the scene of pomp and fanfare, as it strikes up the band with a parade for Special Olympics athletes from Benin, Haiti, and Suriname participating in the 2015 Special OIympics World Games in Los Angeles, for which Redondo Beach is one of its Host Towns. The excitement begins at 5:45pm, Thursday, […]