Redondo Beach, Not Just a Pretty Place

Redondo Beach has just debuted two snappy new videos that capture the energy, excitement, and fabulous events and recreation in Redondo Beach, California. Have a look at this Lobster Festival video. It’s got verve! The Annual Lobster Festival held each September is a smorgasbord of delectable food, some decadent, and all delicious, from succulent lobster, to grilled sausage and lobster Mac ’n Cheese. Everybody gets into the act, with great stage entertainment, booths selling jewelry, hats, and other must-haves, and dishes heaped with corn, rolls, drawn butter, and lobster. Visitors can buy healthy servings of local restaurants’ signature dishes from the food booths before calling it a day.

Next, and just as much fun, is the video about Redondo Beach that offers every reason to visit and spend two or 10 days. It demonstrates that visitors never run out of fun things to do — water sports, recreation, and great dining and shopping. It’s a place where things are happening. Draft beer is an emerging art in Redondo Beach, and Friday’s Farmers Market features a host of fresh fruits, vegetables and prepared foods distinctive to California. The beach and pier supply a never-ending source of activity – from almost any restaurant, the ocean view is sweeping. The Voyager Nature Cruises offer a look at the stunning marine life all around us, and the 27 mile–long scenic strand along the ocean is perfect for beach cruisers, skating, or walking.

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