Thank-You Notes Never Out of Style

Gifts are a funny thing. We receive one, thank the person sitting across from us who just gave it, and that’s it; we’ve done our duty in acknowledging the kindness. Oh, really? I don’t think so. The dearth of written “thank you” cards that are stamped and mailed is a symptom of a host of changes in communications triggered by time constraints, and growth of social media-speak. It can also demonstrate how people feel about the giver and whether it’s worth the trouble of sending a written thank-you note. The giver could be a friend, father, aunt, sister, mother, or brother that the recipient likes, and, certainly, the monetary value of the gift is a benchmark of how important the recipient is to the giver. Unbelievable, then, that many who receive an important gift don’t think about writing and mailing a thank-you card.

I have a theory about this; maybe, it’s because most people have no idea the level of surprise and delight that a giver feels when he or she receives a thank-you note – perhaps because it’s so rare. Hallmark Cards has a cool guide – that makes it easy to get a card done in record time. Even if it’s an email, a written missive emotionally indebts the giver to the recipient.

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