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Pre-Event Stress Can Be Eliminated With Airtight Planning

Who of us hasn’t awakened the night before an important event we’ve organized, the success of which might influence our company’s reputation in the business community, and laid awake thinking about everything that could go wrong. Maybe we flash on a half-forgotten task, terrified that it might have slipped through the cracks. Or, we’re gripped […]

Travel Scams Surface During Tough Economic Times

While most travel writers are well respected, hard-working professionals, the recent economic recession has produced a bumper crop of people purporting to be travel writers, whose stories are never published. They ask to be included on media tours; they want complimentary hotel accommodations; airline tickets, or other considerations; and all too often, they receive them […]

Partnership Between a Business’ PR Counsel is Essential for Optimal Results

Of the multi-channels of product and service marketing, public relations seems to be the one most often misunderstood to the degree that it’s sometimes viewed as an amorphous promotional device, a little like ectoplasm that occasionally takes solid shape as media stories. Some corporate marketers see it as the stepchild of advertising, and still others […]